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Afren may focus on oilfields in Nigeria-CEO

Afren Plc will consider exiting the Kurdistan region in Iraq and focus on oilfields in Nigeria as it embarks on a restructuring programme, its Chief Executive, Alan Linn, said.

Reuters reports that the company has floundered under a series of problems over the past year, including the dismissal of founder and then CEO Osman Shahenshah, a dry oilfield in Iraqi Kurdistan and a failed takeover approach by Nigeria’s Seplat Petroleum. 

Linn, who formally took over on Thursday, is tasked with turning around the fortunes of the company, which has lost almost all its market value in less than a year and is saddled with about $1.30 billion in debt.  “Where we are at the moment is we have put together a plan, which is effectively a survival plan, and it allows the company to honour its existing commitments,” Linn said. 

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Mortgage financing as panacea to Nigeria’s housing deficit

By Mohammed Usman

It is no longer news that Nigeria has a housing deficit in excess of 17 million units, with an estimated requirement of about 720,000 housing units to be constructed yearly to plug this deficit.

Also, the mortgage industry is just starting if one looks at the size of its contribution to the country’s GDP of less than 1 per cent. This is seen as one of the major reasons why the housing deficit has over the years been one of Nigeria’s major challenges as a nation. The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) was established in 1992 by the National Housing Fund Act 3 with a mandate to promote the delivery of affordable and modern houses to Nigerians.

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Why managers take employees for granted

For many, the holiday season represents a time of reflection; a moment of pause to recognize the ups and downs of the past year.  These are the situations that shape us and help us evolve our perspectives and the lens that we see through.  For managers – they begin to think about the new year and ways to be more effective and efficient and enable those around them to better themselves.   For employees – they seek to improve their skill-sets and competencies with sights on a promotion or new career opportunity.

While thoughts of positivity and hope run through the hearts and minds of forward-thinking managers and their employees for 2014, there remains a gap in their relationship – a gap that must quickly be mended.  The gap of which I speak of is the need to solidify a stronger foundation of respect, mutual understanding, realistic expectations and purposeful goals.   Too many managers continue to take their employees for granted.   Instead of coaching them up and taking the time to find ways to help their employees improve, they would rather assume an arms-length relationship that lacks real purpose and intention.   This creates an environment of distrust and high levels of anxiety – and a mutual relationship of disconnect and dissatisfaction.

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How to rise up your content-marketing strategy

Content marketing can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing for small businesses. What may seem like the easiest discipline of all marketing strategies is actually one of the hardest, most time consuming and can be the most expensive.

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Maximizing broadband for economic growth

It is the desire of both citizens and the state that the advancements recorded in the telecoms sector since 2001 should be consolidated beyond telephony and ancillary services. 

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