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‘We’re waiting for report to take Yuguda to EFCC’

Alhaji Ahmed Shuaibu is an APC chieftain in Bauchi State and former President Goodluck Jonathan’s coordinator. In this interview with Ahmed Kaigama, he contrasted the administration of Governor Isa Yuguda and the present administration in the state. 

The present governor is already 100 days in office what can you say are his achievements? 

Well, 100 days is just a number it doesn’t make much sense to me. Again it depends on what he met on ground. Bauchi state is one of the states that this set of governors took over and found a lot of mess on ground but that doesn’t means that you can’t look at the quick win situation that he tackle certain things and hit the ground running. I seriously share the views of those who are saying that we should have our commissioners in place that the state executive council, so that they can be up and doing. That way the people can know their commissioners and their character and qualities as well as whether they are the same with Yuuguda’s commissioners. He should succumb to pressure and be a man of integrity by appoInting people that have some thing to contribute to the development of the state. The moment he succumb to pressure that will be the beginning of his failure.


Why don’t you go to the EFCC to prosecute those who allegedly looted the state treasury? 

Of course, the EFCC is an institution that acts on petitions but unfortunately nobody has written any petition against Yuguda. What most of them are waiting for is the report of the Technical Committee set up by the present Governor Barrister Mohammed Abduallahi Abubakar and he recently told us in newspapers that the state received about trillion during Yuguda from federal government but there is nothing to show and that is an indication that the Governor will definitely petition because if he can come out and say Bauchi state got trillion naira and there is not significant development on ground that worth a trillion naira. Definately we except the Governor to on behalf of Bauchi state citizens should petition the EFCC to come investigate what really happen with trillions of naira gotten from federal government for the development of the state. This is in line with what President Buhari is doing ensuring that monies meant for development of the state stolen by individuals are recover and channels into the development of the states and country. I don’t believe that the trillion received by Yuguda on behalf of Bauchi state people has been spent Prudently on the development of the state and so we need the anti corruption agency to come and probe the spending of that huge sum of money running into trillion of naira. The state government to be in dilemma as what is the actual debt profile of the state because the Technical Committee he set up gave a different figure while he gave the public a different figure even before the committee came up with their own figure and Yuguda came up a different entirely.  

With the conflicting figures in circulation, if the EFCC is to probe the past administration which of them will they rely on?

Well, the Governor appointed the Technical Committee to work for the state and he came up with a different figure from that of the committee and that is not impossible because it could happen and if you could recall there was a similar case between the former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Governor who is now the Emir of Kano and Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the then CBN governor came up with a different figure that was not remitted to CBN and NNPC came up with a different figure. So, is almost the same scenario and the state debt profile could even be more than figure that the government gave and is just a matter of harmonizing the figures. On the side of the Yuuguda’s administration they can even paint a picture that they did not left a single debt and their figure should be ignore because is not realistic. 

People are alleging that the Governor lacks the political will to prosecute the Yuguda’s administration because he was perceived to be a contractor under the Yuguda’s administration.  

Do you think the present governor has the political will to probe Yuguda with what some people are alleging? 

Of course, I cannot take decision for Governor Abubakar. The Governor should know that all eyes are on him to see whether he will have the courage to probe Yuguda or not. Let me say that I have heard a lot of rumours that the present Governor Abubakar and Yuguda had some kind of special relationship which Governor Abubakar has severally came out and debunked the rumour. However, this is a special opportunity for him to clear his name by probing Yuguda because everybody knows that wrong has been meted on the Bauch state people by the Yuguda’s administration but the quuestion on the lips of many is that would he have the capacity to prosecute Yuguda or not? Abubakar as a gentleman and knowlegible on financial things and as lawyer of high repute he will not run away from prosecuting after all the committee he set up gave a scaring report and we will not be sUrprise if he set-up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry which Yuguda himself did went he assumed the mantle of leadership and the Commission banned a lot of irresponsible people from holding political offices and even made some of them to return stolen and huge sum of money was recovered from the Mua’zu’s administration and I believe that when the Judicial Commission of Inquiry is set up we will get more corrupt persons in the previous administration and large sum of money and other things will be recover. As a matter of fact, we know some of them as poor as anything before they were appointed and today we know the assets they have acquired with stolen government monies in both, Abuja and other cities and countries. We are waiting and if the Governor did not take against such people to justify the mandate given to him then the people are ready to protect themselves. 

When the present governor came on board he told the world that he met an empty treasury but along the line he said some civil servants brought out money which they kept without the knowledge of Yuguda; what did you deduce from that? 

I can’t say is a contradiction because it depends on the time he got the information and when he took over there was nobody to give him such information and so he had to tell the Bauchi state people annd the world what he found on ground as the Governor of the state. Yuguda never knew what he handed to Mohammed Abubakar and that goes to show that the previous administration of Yuguda made up of incompetent, inexperience and irresponsible people from top to bottom. How could I be a governor and some people will hide money without my knowledge? This is ridiculous and even the people who hides the money needs to be prosecuted and in fact, those people should be jail straight and if he give amenity then he will be encouraging such a thing. Any way that is the price of appointing irresponsible and inexperience people into top government offices for your selfish reasons and refuse to appoint the people that have some thing to offer simply because you sees them as threat.  

What is your advice to Governor Abubakar? 

He should cut down some of these committees and appoint necessary and important on serious so that he don’t get distracted.