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Too busy for love (II)

The D-day finally arrived, Nonso picked her up at exactly 7.00 pm, his dark good looks and impeccable attire- custom-tailored suit, crisp white shirt and elegant silk tie- drew the interested glances of every unattached woman as he passed and few glances from the attached ones, as well. He escorted her from the quarters to his car with one hand under her right arm, with such solemn concern that he seemed convinced that she would dissolve if touched by one drop of rain or shatter into pieces if she fell.

Considering the difference in their size-she at five-five, she felt she was going on a date with an older brother. She was not a petite woman, but in his arm and under his umbrella she felt positively tiny. The dinner lasted for about two hours, Bukunmi could see what Nonso meant by his mother being stubborn though with a woman in her late sixties, it was expected. She took a proper look at the woman and wondered how beautiful she would have been in her early years and saw where Nonso got his looks from. She’d been impressed by his intelligent questions concerning medicine and for a lawyer, he knew a lot. She noticed he didn’t say anything about his Father during dinner and she didn’t ask. All the way from the car to the door, he apologized for his lousy cooking, and she repeatedly assured him that she was not in the least disappointed even though she saw he was just being modest.

Bukunmi crashed into her bed once she got home, there was this unusual feeling tingling in her and as much as she tried, the feeling still lingered. ‘I’m definitely going to miss church tomorrow’ she could hear herself say as her eyes struggled to stay open, ‘or maybe I’d just spend the day with Chioma’. She giggled lightly to herself, imagining her friend’s reaction to her escapade. The hours rolled and soon, another week surfaced.

“Bukunmi! Hold the elevator.” Nonso ran in before it closed.

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Too busy for love –Part 1

By Ajenifuja Adetokunbo  

It was 11 pm on Friday and Bukunmi was stressed, she’d had a long day of seeing patients and the ubiquitous antiseptic smell of the hospital was beginning to make her grow fatigue. She sluggishly cleaned her work desk and picked up her handbag, hoping she was done for the day. Signing out was all she needed do before she’s finally free. As Bukunmi stepped out of her office, a nurse rushed to her.

“Dr. Bukunmi, I’m sorry but we have an emergency and the patient is in great pain.” Fatima said abruptly.

“Fatima, I’m about to leave, can’t you.” She paused for a moment, weariness getting a better of her. “Can’t you get Dr. Evelyn?” Bukunmi asked in a lethargic tone.

“She already left, we have to hurry Doctor.”

Bukunmi dropped her resistance aside and followed Fatima towards the wards, after all, she shouldn’t be complaining since she signed up for this herself. There was a tall young man who appeared to be in his thirties dressed in a gray polo shirt and washed out black jean pacing endlessly in the hallway his unshaven face was lined with weariness and worry with his eyes, bloodshot.

“Please, please, you have to save her.” He pleaded at the sight of Bukunmi. Nonso knew that was all he could do as the lady he had brought in was in a pretty bad condition. The nurses tried calming him down as Bukunmi approached the emergency room.

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Tales of a love gone sour II

Twenty-four year old Amaka Okafor, stood in the tiny bathroom, slash toilet of her one roomed apartment and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Anxious, coffee brown, almond shaped eyes stared back at her.  In her left hand, she gripped a used pregnancy test strip. Her hand trembled slightly as she raised it to look at the result one more time. A pale pink + sign had appeared on the right side of the control region.

“Dear God I’m Pregnant!” she whispered in disbelief. Although she and Seun had been in a relationship for the past eight months, they’d both been very careful. She’d even started tracking her circle meticulously, known when she was ovulating and thus, when to turn down Seun’s more amorous advances. Still in shock, she flung the plastic strip into a tiny wastepaper basket under the sink where two other test strips lay, washed her hands and hurriedly went into the bedroom to get dressed.

She applied her make-up carefully, then walked to the portable, hand crafted closet and perused her options. She finally selected a light brown, fitted, knee length skirt and matching blazer that accentuated her shapely figure. She needed to talk to Seun urgently and she had to look good while doing that. Her work at the NewTrend boutique she owned and managed would have to wait. She left the apartment with purposeful strides, her black pumps leaving angry dents in the ground as she hurried to hail a passing cab.

At the Daily Cross Hospital, where Seun was a Dr, It was hopelessly crowded and she was forced to wait in the outpatient unit. An elderly woman, wearing a bandage round her left fore-arm stared unwaveringly at her making her uncomfortable. “She knows.” Amaka thought to herself, “She knows I’m Pregnant and unmarried.” Finally, when the number of patients had dwindled significantly, she went into his office and quietly shut the door. His tall, lean frame was hunched over the desk, as he busily scribbled in a file. “Sit down please” he muttered, distractedly and she used the moment to observe him. At thirty three, he could easily afford to shave ten years off his age. His dark, curly hair needed trimming again, it grew so fast. His long, thick lashes shielded shrewd, intelligent eyes. His fair skin coupled with the delicate features of his face, gave him a false air of frailty.

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A couples’ first dance

By Ajenifuja Adetokunbo  

It was her brother’s wedding and Chisimdi stared enviously at the couple who were gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes as the MC made jokes that had the guests reeling in laughter.

She couldn’t help her envy, they looked so happy. Hilary who’d sworn as a teenager that he’d never marry had just exchanged vows with the girl he met barely six months ago. While she, who’d been dreaming of her wedding and happily-ever-after all of her life, sat at his reception single, man-less and… helplessly envy-ridden.

Chisimdi felt like such a loser.

She was quite a pretty young woman, had a great job in a telecoms company, had her own car and her very own apartment in a plush side of the Mainland. She was a good Christian girl and she devotedly paid her tithe. Ladies like her shouldn’t be single and without a man of their own.

Of course, she wasn’t without admirers. There were hordes of men dying for her attention. Well, not hordes, she admitted grudgingly sipping her wine, but there were men who wanted her. Who were attracted to her and would anything to have her give them the time of day.

But how could she, when she had long given her heart to her brother’s best friend who also had sworn off matrimony as a teen and who appeared to be bent on keeping his own eternal-bachelor vow.

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Tales of a love gone sour

He sighted a feminine figure sitting still on the stairs in the dark; it was Tera. Her glasses had fallen to the ground and she was trying to find them with her hands. She felt a hand wrapped around her waist; it was Mark’s.

” Leave me alone. What more do you want from me? What? ” She grizzled out loud and struggled to free herself from him.

” You’re the most important female in my life, my best friend..My everything..There’s no way I can let go of you. ” He pleaded and refused to let go. The generator was kick-started there and then, and the entire mansion was lit up once more. He let go of her waist reluctantly after she bit his wrist. Tears dropped down his eyes as she walked away from him. Viewing things from his own perspective, she was walking away from his life, and as some might as well add, ‘For good ‘. And there seemed to be nothing he could do about it.

” He doesn’t love me, Debs. I humiliated myself. I’m just a big fool. ” Tera lamented with. tears dropping down her swollen eyes.

” No, you’re not. Now you know better. Stop beating up yourself. ” She urged her with a big smile.

” But I can’t live without him, and I’ve broken my glasses, and now, I bit him. How do I explain this to mummy? ”

” How? We’ll just tell her the truth and nothing else. ”

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